Maria Dalamagka

General Hospital of Larisa

Maria Dalamagka currently works at the Department of Anesthesia, General University Hospital of Larissa. Maria does research in acupuncture and Anaesthetics. She is PhD medicine , doctor of pain , MD. Editorial board member :Scifed Journal, Pain Medicine and Management, Enliven, Cient Periodique, Journal of Pain Management and Medicine _Longdom, Anesthesia &Pain Research _Scivision, GJNFS, Journal if Pain and Relief. Speaker and organizing committee to conferences as:Pain Research and Management Zurich 2018, 5th international conference Pain Research &Management London 2017, and Vancouver , Canada 2016, Word congress on Pain Medicine and Management Singapore 2019, International Conference on Alzheimers &Neurodegenerative desease Madrid , Spain 2018, scientific federation speaker