Dridi Ichrack

CHU Fattouma Bourguiba of Monastir

Ichrak DRIDI is an Assistant Professor in Pharmacology in CHU Fattouma Bourguiba of Monastir, Tunisia. Ichrak DRIDI has completed their Research Master in Biochemistry and Technobiology in 2007 and Doctoral Thesis in Biology in 2014. Some of their professional achievements are Involvement in a research project, as part of the Young Researchers Encouragement Program (PEJC) (3th 2020 edition), A MOBIDOC post-doctoral fellow is assigned, as part of the support program for Education, Mobility, Research and Innovation (EMORI), in order to carry out work of applied research in the socio-economic environment. Ichrak Dridi is the Member of the Tunisian Association of Chronobiology and Chronopharmacology, Researcher member of the ”Chronobiology: Health and Environment” Research Laboratory (LR18ES42), Member of the Tunisian Association of Biological Sciences (ATSB).