Mauro Luisetto

Independent researcher Pc 29121 ยท Applied pharmacologist

Dr. Mauro luisetto university curriculum studiorum in Turin university PHARM D and Pavia university APPLIED PHARMACOLOGIST, Parma university management COURSE -applied pharmacology university specialization, advanced university course clinical pharmacist. European specialist in laboratory medicine, EC4 registered, public hospital pharmacist manager 8 EQF LEVEL Several course in management field ( project, strategic, change management, total quality m., knowledge manage. Healthcare mange. Human resource manage.) Author of many publications in field of: toxicology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry pharmaceutical care, clinical pharmacy, pathology Infectious disease, surgery, neuroscience, management, economics. Execution contract DIRECTOR med gas public hospital Italy Antidotes stokes responsible for provincial hospital Editor in chief or editorial board member in many scientific journal. Global clinical pharmacy academy member since 2013 officially invited in much international scientific congress.